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Gold Rush Escape Room

The men's discipleship group is holding their first online escape room for some male bonding! Can you guess the reason behind the theme?

RSVP via the contact form by January 26th, 2021. Additional information will be sent via email to those registered within the three days before the event.

Join the rush on January 30, 2021 at 8:30 AM PST.

About Men's Discipleship Group: Men’s Discipleship strives to connect and help men lead powerful, transformed, lives through discipleship. We believe that this is a critical time to: 1. Be connected. No man walks alone. We are a band of brothers committed to bring one another before Jesus. 2. Be authentic. Build a safe place of acceptance and accountability for men, encourage, equip and exhort to godliness. 3. Be courageous. Every man is called to impact his community, lead his family, witness at his workplace and serve his church. 4. Serve one another just as Jesus did.

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