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LENT 2021: Fasting and Prayer - Week 1

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We will be providing a weekly fasting and prayer guide so that we may prepare our hearts for Easter. Please download the pdfs for the 40 days calendar and the fasting and prayer guide for this week.

LENT 2021 - 40 Days of Fasting & Prayer
Download • 287KB
Lent 2021 - Fasting & Prayer Guide (2
Download 17 • 261KB

Message from Pastor Ken:

Starting today our church is preparing our hearts for Easter, April 4. Psalm 78:8 tells us about a generation that didn't prepare their heart and their spirit was not faithful to God. Let's NOT be that generation!

I want you to have a fresh encounter with Jesus, and especially for those of us who have been a Christian for a long time. Our relationship with Jesus can be routine, lukewarm, lacking fire or passion. Easter can be another celebration of Jesus' resurrection. Been there and done that mentality!

Let's make a conscious choice this year to be different with Jesus. Set aside once a week to seek the Lord, read the prayer guide, fast and pray for a fresh encounter with Jesus. And also pray for your family, friends and one unreached nation to find Jesus this year.

You will find two files to assist you with your walk with Jesus. Pass these files to those who are not on this list and challenge them to join us.

Let's be the generation that SEEK after Jesus together!

Let's PRAY and EXPECT to have a fresh encounter with Jesus again!

May the resurrection of Jesus meet us afresh this season.

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