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Church Reopened

We have officially reopened our church on Sundays. Those planning to attend in person are required to wear a mask, and have their temperature checked at the gate. We will offer children and youth ministry during our service. Please arrive at church early for the screening process. The gates will be closed at 9:45 a.m.

Sunday Service

Do you want to grow from success to significance? Do you want to live a life of significance? Pastor Ken will uncover this topic on Sunday and the title of his message is called “Living a Life of Significance.” You can watch the live service through Zoom.

Zoom ID: 864 3742 0180

Password: 5537

Missions Conference

We have invited Dr. Joseph Chiu, who spent nine years working with the AIDS organization in Thailand, and also worked for National Institute of Health before he retired in 2019, to speak at our annual missions conference on October 3rd. The theme for this year is “Mobilizing Everyone for Missions.” We are also going to raise $10,000 seed money to serve one refugee family to resettle in Los Angeles. If you want to get involved with this outreach please contact Pastor Ken.

New Sunday School

Do you want to hear and discern the voice of God? This fall we will answer this question. We will be studying the book called “Whisper” by Mark Batterson. You can pick up this copy from Amazon. The class will start at 11:30 a.m. through Zoom.

Vibrant Community Groups

We will continue their meeting through Zoom this week. You can contact your leader for Zoom info.

Family Life: John

Sunday Vibrant Community: Jack

Lighthouse: Andrew

Women’s Groups: Anni

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