Notes from Karen's Mother's Day Sharing

Dr. Charles Stanley’s ten ways to break a child’s spirit:

1.    Refusing to listen. 

2.    Discipline without explanation.

3.  Ignore
 their opinions and requests. 

4.    Making them feel helpless and hopeless.  

5.    Making demeaning comparisons.  

6.    Using fearful words.  

7.    Expressing misdirected anger. 

8.    Criticizing them when they have done their best.  

9.    Failure to be loving towards them. 

10. Failure to provide good things for them to look forward to in their lives.


The bottom line is, there is no substitute for making a child sense our love.  

So how do we discipline our children without breaking their spirit?


1.    Check your motives.  

2.    Carefully explain the reason we are disciplining them.  

3.   ‚ÄčExplain with a loving tone of voice.  

4.    Never discipline in anger.  

5.    Keep your promises.  

6.    Share your regret.  

7.    Never strike with your hand or slap their face.  

8.    Reassure them of your love.