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We are not a "perfect" church with "perfect" people, but we are passionate about wanting to know God better and wanting others to know Him too.  Join us for our celebration of who God is and enjoy the interaction with people who like hangin' together.
Want to know what the service is like?  
We believe that this is the best hour and fifteen minutes you could spend on a Sunday morning.  We sing, share, read Scripture, pray, and hear a message from the Bible that connects with real life.
Want to know how you should dress?
Our concern is not what kind of clothes you wear, only that you wear clothes.  Casual dress for sure!
Want to know what kind of music?
We believe that any and every style of music can and should be employed to worship God.  While you might find some older songs called hymns sung, we express our worship of God in modern songs, clapping, swaying, and generally showing that we are enthused about God.
Want to know if the messages are boring?
We believe that the Bible is actually very contemporary and directly relates to where we live.  It was written for people like each of us.  Our Pastor connects what the Bible is saying with our everyday life.  You can decide when you come if the messages are boring.  Tell us if they are.
Want to know our connections? 
We are not connected with any denomination.  You can also check our "what we believe."
Want to know how to get connected? 
We have "Life Groups" where groups of people meet to learn about how the Bible applies to our everyday lives.
Want to know more about how to get connected with God?
Check out the link "wondering about God?"
Want to know more about how you begin serving with us?
Our vision is to help people become connected with God and one another, develop into devoted followers of Jesus and serve others.  God has uniquely designed every believer to serve Him in special ways.  We are committed to helping you to know what your unique God-given design is, how your passion for an area of ministry is connected to it, and the ways in which you can best serve in that area.